Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Extension

Most homeowners will think about how to do it towards the end of a lease. If you expose S21 and it does not leave, it is responsible for the execution of the lease. These are the terms that continue in the SPT. It gives you leverage and some indications on their motivations (depending on the protests that followed). It is perfectly reasonable not to release someone from a contract until they have returned the property. I rented a company for which the 6-month term was due to end in April, but they asked for a two-month extension. I have confirmed in writing that the lease expires in June and that all other conditions remain identical to the original lease. Only thought by mentioning leases that it would be useful to share with your readers how important it is to make a periodic lease a periodic lease. This should be indicated in the first lease.

With the changes to the municipal tax laws, and if we, as landlords, want to avoid paying as much local taxes as possible, it should be noted that landlords are responsible for municipal tax costs if the tenants are in a periodic rental agreement and move during a notice period. During the notice period, when tenants choose the extract, they do not exclude the landlord from paying the municipal tax. However, if we, as landlords, say that it is a periodic lease and the tenants move during the termination, we are insured and the responsibility for the payments rests with the tenant. Also, it`s worth noting that if your tenant is on a periodic lease and goes and rents another house (not so likely as you think, but it happened to me!), then the responsibility for payment will fall to the landlord. So, make it a periodic rental contract to avoid this loophole!! The lease agreement may end at any time if she and the owner are on the same side and agree. You may need to do the same for the guarantor if you decide to go into a new rent. If you do not issue the tenant a new fixed-term contract (neither orally nor in writing) and they remain in the property, the lease automatically passes to a legal settlement and all the terms of the original contract remain valid. If tenants remain in The Occupation, in most cases, if no new fixed-term lease or “renewal” has been signed once the fixed-term lease is completed, a new “periodic” lease is automatically created in its place.

If you are a tenant, you should discuss with other tenants what you want to do (see: All you really say is “I think you should again protect the deposit if a rental agreement becomes periodic. Until the Supreme Court makes an example of a case, there is no substance in what you say, your just telling us what you think could happen.

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