Services Agreement Act

(vi) the contractor (or contractor with respect to a subcontract) finds in advance, prior to the issuance of the invitation, on the basis of the nature of the contractual requirements and knowledge of the practices of the likely suppliers, that all or almost all suppliers meet the conditions set out in paragraph 2, paragraph 2, paragraph ii) (ii) at v) of this subsection. If the services are currently provided by contract, the contractor (or contractor with respect to a subcontract) takes into account the practices of the existing contractor in determining the terms and conditions covered by paragraph 2) (ii) (v) of this subsection. (3) A brief description of the services to be provided under the contract; (b) on the basis of a collective agreement other than the one in force. After obtaining a wage fixing that is not based on a collective agreement, the contractor finds that contractors who execute service contracts of more than $2,500, who are not subject to a collective agreement under the previous contract, pay their employees at least the wages and ancillary benefits that the Ministry of Labour provides for in the region or , if there is no wage fixing. , the minimum wage set by the Fair Labor Standards Act. (e) laundry, dry cleaning, change of linen and clothing and repair. (3) The contract agent may also use the e98 procedure on WDOL to ask the Ministry of Labour to take the salary setting. The Ministry of Labour`s response to the e98 may contain a request to the contract agent to provide a full copy of the collective agreement. All questions relating to the applicability of the status of laboratory contract service standards to a collective agreement should be directed to the Agency`s work advisor. (1) Wage setting does not correspond to wages and ancillary benefits that apply to similar services in the region; or (i) (A) With the exception of the services covered in paragraph d) (1) (iv) of this subsection, the contractor is selected, on the basis of other factors, in addition to the price or cost of the auction, by combining other factors at least as important as price or costs; or (c) (1) The contract agent adds the clause to 52.222-43; Fair Labor Standards Act and Service Contract laboratory standards – price adjustment (several years and options contracts) or any other clause fulfilling the same purpose, in calls and contracts, if the contract is likely to give a fixed price, time and equipment or service contract hours of work with clause 52.222-41, contract service and is a multi-year contract or contract with renewal options that exceed the threshold simplified activity. The clause can be used in contracts that do not exceed the simplified activity threshold.

The clause of 52.222-43, Fair Labor Standards Act and Service Standards Contract – Price Adjustment (several years and option contracts) applies both to contracts subject to salary provisions by surface to contracts subject to the collective agreement of the historical contractor that was in effect during the previous contract period (see 22.1002-2 and 22.1002-3).

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