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by Paul Samuel Director, Ashby Cohen Solicitors Most commercial agents who sell goods know that they can claim compensation or compensation under the 1993 Commercial Agents Regulations (Council Directive) unless the conduct […] Any agency agreement is centered on a contract. Whether it is a written document containing detailed provisions on the rights and obligations of the parties or a simple oral agreement obtained from a handshake; One day, the parts […] of Alain Cohen Director, Ashby Cohen Solicitors, London When a relationship comes to an end, the impact can be traumatic for both parties – but it`s not necessary. In the field of commercial agency, there are specific moments when both […] by Paul Brown of AgentBase I asked a very simple question from a variety of specialized agency lawyers. But no one can answer it exhaustively. Here is a compilation of their answers: Ben Griffin – Solicitor I set out […] by Thom Vaughan E.A.D. Solicitors L.L.P. When Mr. Graham Lonsdale waived the Oxford County Court`s decision to award him only $5,000 for the loss of his agency business, his lawsuit triggered a radical review of […] solicitor by David Bentley and Co. Q and A last month. However, I understood that in some cases we are better as agents […] For years, there were few obligations that a client owed to his sales agent under English law. While this has changed for commercial agents with the entry into force of the regulation of commercial agents, non-commercial commercial agents […] by Emma Butcher of Clarkslegal LLP Under the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993, an agent is generally entitled to a payment if his agency agreement is terminated by the client (unless the contract is […] Each time an agency ends, it usually triggers a series of potential events that agents need to be fully aware of.

The summary below does not cover all relevant points or a […] As you know, in the event of termination of a commercial agency contract, there is generally a right to payment in accordance with Rule 17 of the 1993 Commercial Agents Regulations (“Council Directive”). This can often be a very essential […] Retirement – When and how? Business owners regularly plan for retirement or develop other exit or replacement strategies, and salespeople will be no different. As far as every sales agent is concerned, […] The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic is hitting business hard, and companies with an agency model are no exception. Given that salespeople are currently unable to personally visit customers and are buying fewer customers in many areas, because Thom Vaughan of E.A.D. Solicitors L.L.P. and Adrian Pym of RSM Tenon spoke about the city last year in the McQuillan case – v. McCormick – in the business community. This was of course the case for the officers who […] Q My agency has resigned recently, and I am worried about getting my commission requests regarding orders I am on behalf of my client in a relatively short time after time, such as […] There is an urban myth that when a company appoints a sales agent on an exclusive basis, the salesperson can only act for that business and for no other company.

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