Rfp For Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

This document is a backgrounder on Microsoft`s current intent and was written solely for informational purposes. This document does not purport to be exhaustive or contain all the information you may need. This document is not mandatory for Microsoft and is not part of the agreements you will sign with Microsoft under this RFP. Information on product licenses, price references, processes and data should only be considered as an indication and should not be considered a definitive source. Nothing in this document or any communication between you and Microsoft in connection with this RFP will impose any legal obligation on Microsoft or its related companies or compel Microsoft to sign or sign a contract. You should conduct your own surveys and due diligence and make your own predictions and conclusions. You should consult with your advisors to independently verify the information contained in this RFP and to obtain additional information you need before submitting a response. MIOL reserves the right to change the dates listed below. In the event of a change, MIOL informs all RFP participants by publishing information on the MPN [partner.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Licensing/russia-rfp] portal. Open Value allows you to acquire cloud licenses and services, just as you need them during the three-year open value agreement.

CERTIFICATION Successful licensed resellers should have an active plan to acquire and maintain relevant licensing and technical skills within the Microsoft Partner (MPN) network (partner.microsoft.com/ru-ru/solutions/find-partner-rus). Microsoft Open Value is a flexible and cost-effective way to use and manage microsoft and licensed cloud services under a single agreement. This document is strictly confidential and should not be discussed outside of your business. In addition, this is subject to the terms of the confidentiality agreement between your company and Microsoft. LICENSING THE authorized reseller must ensure that its customers acquire a sufficient number of Microsoft licenses from the authorized reseller or Microsoft for software, customer access licenses, terminal service licenses, subscription agreements for web services and/or insurance software: please contact RFPQANDA@microsoft.com for any additional questions. RFP participants must complete the partner vetting questionnaire in accordance with Microsoft`s obligation to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws and Microsoft guidelines, including anti-corruption policy for representatives available online under the anti-corruption policy for representatives.

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