National Grid Long Island Residential Gas Service Agreement

The distribution company also expects a drop in demand due to energy efficiency programs and demand, a new compression project that will provide additional long-term capacity for parts of Long Island, and a higher-than-expected number of customers wishing to switch to a “non-business-related” service, i.e. customers who turn to oil or other alternative fuels. if requested by National Grid. These customers are subject to different charges than private and other “fixed” customers and may be penalized if they do not shop, according to Graziani. Under the agreement, National Grid will pay a $36 million fine to “support new energy-saving measures and new clean energy projects,” Cuomo said in a press release. This process is overseen by the New York State Division of the Budget and the State Public Service Commission (PSC). The latter receives reports from a state-commissioned monitor to determine whether National Grid is complying with the agreement. In the absence of problems, the CSP will not revoke the utility`s operating certificate. The gas moratorium was a major concern for homeowners and businesses, especially those who need gas for winter heating. However, National Grid has again accepted ties since November after reaching an agreement with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

National Grid Metering is constantly evolving to improve service, provide our customers with a high level of security, reliability, safety and service; to remain at the forefront of innovative technological solutions at the same time. National Grid will pay a $36 million fine for the negative effects of the six-month moratorium. This capital will be used to finance clean energy projects and to compensate homeowners and businesses that have been economically affected because they did not have a gas service. The gas moratorium affected some 4,000 private and commercial users, including a municipal fire brigade on Long Island, which had to be urgently upgraded. Have you received a letter from one of our service partners stating that your gas meter has increased at the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced? We manage leases and relationships with customers and gas suppliers and we also manage asset acquisition, logistics management, meter installation and maintenance, asset replacement and disposal, and ad hoc services, including engineering leasing, to obtain our meter portfolio. In addition to emergency measures to increase supply and reduce demand, the distribution company is considering various long-term solutions for supply needs in New York. These options could include renewable energy sources, conservation strategies, liquid and compressed natural gas facilities, and even a new pipeline, Graziani said. The utility has also not abandoned the NESE project. Professional organizations have endorsed National Grid`s concerns about long-term supply shortages in New York. Pipelines are the safest way to bring this gas to customers, a spokesperson for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America said in an email to Utility Dive, adding that a predictable approval process for the construction of a pipeline is needed for National Grid and its customers to access the abundant natural gas supplies at the region`s gate. “We have worked hard to find a series of innovative alternatives to meet the growing demand.

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