Collective Agreement Dcdsb

16 DCDSB – OECTA Durham Elementary Teachers Unit Page 12 ARTICLE 5 PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT (cont d) 5:02 Board Joint Professional Development Committee (cont d) The parties agree that: 1. valuable professional development is integrated into work, informed by research and carried out in partnership with colleagues; 2. The success of a Catholic Professional Learning Community (CPLC) depends in large part on the environment and the climate in which it is founded; 3. CPLCCs are most effective when the atmosphere within a school fosters learning, collegiality, respect for professionalism, commitment to lifelong learning, collective study of best practices, innovation and experimentation to improve student teaching and learning; The annual teacher learning plan will inform the professional learning opportunities funded by this award and the CPLC. ARTICLE 6 TRAVEL 6:01 (1) Any teacher who is covered by this collective agreement and who is authorized by the principal or designated teacher to travel in the course of his activities receives travel allowance per kilometre, in accordance with the policy of the Board of Directors. (2) For teachers who are employed as counsellors, coordinators for family schools, itinerant teachers and resource teachers, the Board of Directors pays a departure travel package of $90 ($90) per month, plus a travel allowance (per kilometre) according to board policy. This mileage allowance applies to all kilometres of more than 161 kilometres travelled in one month. (3) NOTE: In the case of a new board policy that results in an increase, the Commission`s new policy becomes an addition to this collective agreement. ARTICLE 7 NEW POSITIONS AND VACANCIES 7:01 (1) Although it was considered that the Board of Directors has the exclusive right to create or appoint a new position to be filled by a teacher within the scope of the collective agreement, it is agreed that the Board of Directors will be consulted with OECTA prior to the creation or appointment of the new position. DCDSB Announces Ratification of the Local Collective Agreement with APSSP to The Board of Directors will provide an update on the status of schools as soon as we receive a notice. We will communicate directly with parents and legal guardians through our school messaging service and publish updates to

Yesterday, we informed families that the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) announced its intention to go on strike on Monday, October 7, 2019. This means a total withdrawal of services by our education workers represented by CUPE if no provincial agreement is reached this weekend.

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